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5 Steps to promote wellness in the workplace

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Posted 31 October 2017 08:50:00 GMT | By Admin

With an estimated 137.3 million days lost to sickness and injury in the UK during 2016, states the Office for National Statistics, wellness in the workplace is still big business. This leads to the question of how we can you bring wellness and health to the forefront of employees’ minds?

For many organisations around the globe, the wellness initiative is the answer. According to Forbes, 77% of employees believe health and wellness initiatives positively affect workplace culture. Employees report happier outlooks and decreases in health issues at companies with strong wellness initiatives in place.

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Despite this, many businesses have found themselves taking part in health or wellness schemes, only to find poor uptake or lack of interest. Proper promotion and execution of wellness schemes is imperative to them being a success – so here are five simple steps to ensure your wellness scheme is fruitful:

1. Assess your needs

Take a look at what is currently happening within your business – do you have any existing wellness schemes? What isn’t working?

2. Talk to employees

Be sure to get your employees’ input, particularly if you want to execute a wellness scheme that fits in well with their needs and wishes.

3. Tie it all together

The best sway to promote a wellness scheme is to ensure it is tied together with your existing workplace culture.

4. Launch your initiatives with interest

Plan a proper launch for your wellness scheme – ensure all employees are aware of the benefits of the scheme, and how they can get involved.

5. Get feedback

Communicate with employees, and find out why (or why not) they’re using and enjoying your wellness scheme. Continue to review things and always leave the door open for informal feedback.

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