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Act like Sugar and increase your confidence

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Posted 05 March 2018 16:20:00 GMT | By UK Team

Guest author: Penny Haslam

Confidence is a recurring theme for me at the moment. I get asked about it in the training sessions I run for media and panel appearances; and during the Q&A sessions at conferences and events where I’d been speaking about ‘getting out there’ and raising your profile.

People simply want to know how to be more confident.

And it’s not surprising.

Feeling more confident helps us be more decisive, more able, more free. Which in turn helps our confidence.

The footballer Kevin Gamerio, eloquently summed it up when he scored for Athletico Madrid in a recent match: “When you score goals, you get more confidence and can do more things”.

Well said Kevin.

We’re just better when we feel sure of ourselves. Our work and relationships benefit because confident people are good at making decisions, listening to others, taking on board different ideas and leading.

Confident individuals make for confident, successful organisations

Being unsure of yourself however, is largely seen as a private problem, something a little shameful perhaps. I certainly kept my full-blown imposter syndrome to myself during my long career in business journalism at the BBC. Right through from my first job as a secretary to presenting the nation’s business news, on live TV.

So, here are the findings from my own ‘journey’ (for want of a less annoying word). Combine these ingredients into your own recipe for confidence and you’ll soon be scoring all the goals you want, and more.

There ARE voices in your head

Listen out for the negative voices in your head that run you down. Stop these little rascals in their tracks. Once you confront and exterminate them, you can carve a clear path to confidence. However, they will persist, like verrucae. So be vigilant.

Then, once you’ve begun to stamp out their mischievous ways, replace with a positive mantra. Use mine by all means (it works): “I know exactly what I’m doing.” Repeat often and you will.

Act like Sir Sugar

Whenever I need a boost, I imagine I’m sitting in Alan Sugar’s seat at an Apprentice-style big glass table. I look around and see who’s on my board. Are they for or against me? Is my Karen Brady actually supportive? Is the other one to my left, is he giving me 110 per cent? And what about the contestants in front of me (my friends, family, colleagues) – are they encouraging me and cheering me on?

If not, I look them in the eye, point my finger at them and say “you’re fired.”

The point of that is to think about who’s good for you and who’s not. Surround yourself with fans, I’ll bet goal-scoring Kevin does.

The world needs confident people

When you’re confident you can lead, be a role model, in fact, you can do anything you like! Just imagine the possibilities! If as many column inches in newspapers and magazines were dedicated to being confident as they are to having the perfect figure/fashion/face, then the world would be a much happier place. Ironically confidence is the answer to not giving a damn about either of these things and the world needs those people.

Be one of them.

*Special thank you to Penny Haslam, for writing this article.

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