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Flexible workplace: why your business will benefit today

2020 vision: how is technology reshaping our working environment?

2020: the year of video conferencing

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Taking breaks and productivity levels in the workplace

Introducing new technology to the workplace

Workplace language: a global perspective

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Working nine to five

Beyond generation z - the future of the workplace

Generation Z: the art of communication

The impact of meeting room no-shows

The Modern Workplace 2019 – People, places and technology findings

Cultural differences in the workplace

David Bowie and The impact of the internet

Fresh air: shocking stats about the air quality in the workplace

Disabilities in the workplace: how can technology assist us?

Benefits of cloud: what every CEO needs to know

Relationship building and remote working

Five workspace challenges to expect in the next five years

Five unusual Wi-Fi hotspot locations

2019 London Workplace Innovation Forum

The rise and popularity of apps in Singapore

Twenty-seven statistics on workplace productivity

The secret behind naming your meeting rooms

Five digital transformation success stories

Two benefits of video conferencing

Digital transformation: moving to the cloud

How much does a meeting really cost?

A recipe for a successful customer journey

Meet the Team: Shenel Backhouse

How colour can impact the digital workplace

Seven innovations to help with workplace concentration

Change Management - five minutes with Adrian Jeffers

Game of Thrones in the workplace

How workplace email culture varies around the globe

A quick guide to change management

How to implement desk sharing in your workplace

Chatbots in the Workplace

The advantages of desk sharing

Four ways to reduce noise in your workplace

Who should attend your meeting?

What do you need from your meeting room?

Colour enhancements to the booking grid

Unusual meetings through history

The power of networking

Celebrating 2019 international women's day

3 simple steps to managing a meeting

Does healthy food and productivity go hand in hand?

Meet the team: Shivika Garg

Workplace Communication: from morse code to video meetings

What is ambient computing?

Global smartphone usage

Understanding personalities in the workplace

Five flexible working experiences

Can pet-friendly workplaces help improve employee engagement?

Seven ways to improve work/life balance

Why we love technology

5 reasons why your business should move to the cloud

One on one with Generation Z

What is digital signage?

Quirky ideas for employee engagement

Ten tips for using the Condeco Connect mobile App

How to use virtual reality in the workplace

Why is a seamless customer experience so important?

How long should a meeting be?

Workplace flexibility in France

Preparing for Gen Z in the workplace

The rise of gamification in the workplace

20 years and we still can't find a Meeting Space

Is an open plan layout functional in the workplace?

Eight alternative workspaces around the globe

Nine apps to enhance workplace productivity

How smart buildings can generate employee productivity

Global office culture during the festive season

Employee wellness and productivity during the festive season

Keeping up with technology trends in 2019

12 Interesting Workplace Facts

Workplace Week 2018: Top 5 London Workplaces

Four workplace resolutions for 2019

Your quick guide to the history of coding

Holograms in the workplace - are they our future?

What are APIs?

Four of the most successful email policies

What is the most productive day of the working week?

Can music drive workplace productivity?

Two driving factors determining workspace design

The modern workplace: what has changed over the decades?

How smart buildings are being embraced around the globe

3 great employee retention strategies

The hidden cost of workplace interruptions

How can universities effectively manage their real estate?

What is hot desking?

My time as an Intern at Condeco

How to create great quality meetings

How long is the average commute?

The battle for top talent in facilities management

Is the four-day week good for business?

What the workplace can learn from retail

Does your dress code affect workplace productivity?

The History of Wearable Technology

The Battle for Talent in the Modern Workplace

Are we Ready for AI Assistants in the Workplace?

The History of Voice Recognition Technology

Six Future Predictions for Video Conferencing

Is sustainability a workplace priority?

How Millennials are shaping the workplace

Three Driving Forces Changing the Modern Workplace

Why are AI Assistants Female?

The rise of agile working

Australia is leading the way in global workplace trends

How to acquire and retain more workplace talent

Video integration technology - the remote working secret weapon

How the workplace is playing a major role in productivity, job satisfaction and wellbeing

Why meetings have become even more important

How to set your workplace goals for the remainder of 2018

Variety is the spice of workplace life!

The top six priorities of the modern workspace

How does the millennial view the workplace?

Introducing the new Condeco Skype for Business Module

The top trends that are changing our work environments

Ready, Set, Action: Workplaces on the small screen

Open plan vs the cubicle offices

The driving forces behind change in the workplace

Why video integration has become imperative for the mobile workforce?

Your step-by-step guide to achieving optimal collaboration today

5 tips to improve the quality of your meetings

Getting that fighting spirit

Different generations, different office needs… how is this shifting?

Generation Z in the workplace

How are companies adapting to the shift towards a flexible workforce?

How to attract (and retain) the right working talent in 2018

4 tips on fostering creativity in the workplace

Defining productivity in the workplace

What is the current state of the workplace in 2018?

How are we coping with workplace stress?

Building the bridge between old and new with digital connectivity

Our misconceived perception of security and the unintentional observer

The new paradigm of Cloud Computing

Creating a unified workspace with change management

Creating a fluid network in the workplace

How workspace design can help achieve peak workplace performance

A look inside Condeco India - our new workspace in Gurgaon

Cultivating a sense of community in the workplace

Seven ways you can be a LGBTQ+ workplace ally

How can mindful design help improve wellness in the workplace?

Hollywood vs Technology Reality

Are smart buildings becoming smarter?

Eight­­­­ examples of interior architecture in London

The new paradigm of consumerisation

Biophilic Design - Bringing the outside into the workplace

Robots in the workplace – routine is becoming robotic

How technology is evolving to be more helpful (and more human)

Are hybrid spaces the future of work?

An inside look at Condeco's latest advanced workspace in Newcastle

Pressing for progress in the workplace

12 top Future Fifty technology companies

The women of Condeco

Top 10 influential women to follow on social media

Inside Formula One – behind the technology

Building customer loyalty

Just like a good jar of chutney

Workplace behaviours, attitudes and technology over the decades

How children’s cartoons can help shape the future workforce

The ethical consequences of Artificial Intelligence

Act like Sugar and increase your confidence

Challenging the mindset of workplace wellness

What do millennials really want?

For the love of technology

Is microchipping the future of the workplace?

A look inside Netflix HQ

Tips from big players in the technology industry

How to set SMART work goals

2018 workplace predictions

Agile Working vs Activity Based Working: What’s the difference?

Top 4 workplace resolutions 2018

The art of workplace communication

Tidy desk vs untidy desk

Workplace resolutions for the new year (and how to achieve them in 2018)

How to make the most of your workspace during the holidays

Avoiding the festive season workplace lull

Your festive season workplace strategy

The most popular ways of working in 2018 and beyond

Staying motivated at work during the end-of-year stretch

Four ways to introduce workplace flexibility during the holiday season

What we have learnt from workplace trends this past year

Top four tips for managing your work calendar

Office technology lessons we’ve learnt in 2017

The rise of mobile working

Would you use filters on your next video integrated meeting?

Condeco's CEO on the future of work

Video vs. audio meeting integration

4 tips to help employee lifestyle management

Boosting workplace productivity with exercise and health initiatives

5 Steps to promote wellness in the workplace

The psychology of colour in the workplace

The future of work

What are the biggest technology disruptions in the workplace?

The generation gap in the workplace - and its affect

How are you dressing your office for success?

5 employee benefits to enhance your workspace

The best strategies to minimise workplace stress

The iPhone X launch and the advancements in mobile technology

5 steps to designing your perfect meeting space

Roald Dahl Day

Your guide to workspace innovation

The Coffice: is the way we work shifting?

Sensible savings in costly office workspaces

Working lunches – time wasting or a productive exercise?

Wanting to facilitate better workspace management?

5 reasons why now is the time for better meeting room management

 Where great food and exceptional technology meet: Innovation Expo 2017

WORKTECH 17 Berlin: Explore the future of work and the workplace

InfoComm 2017: Insights, innovations and a look ahead

Video vs. audio integrated meetings: Which one outranks the other?

Developments in Corporate Real Estate Management in Germany – Part Two

Developments in Corporate Real Estate Management in Germany – Part One

The Two Types of Workers: Old-School vs New-School

UK Partner Event: collaboration, agile working and the future of our technology

Frustrations in the Workspace: European Organisations Reveal Their Biggest Gripes

Work 2.0 Technology Conference in London

Five Tips to Make the Most of Your Video Meetings

The Most Common Ways Facilities Resources are Wasted – and How to Avoid Them

Busting the Myths Surrounding Working from Home

Why Workspace Solutions are Worth Investigating at InfoComm

Smart Offices – the Future of the Workplace?

Beyond Desk Sharing: Four Extra Ways to Bring Flexibility to the Workplace

5 ground rules for hosting a great meeting

Security and the World of SaaS

Microsoft vs Google: The race for cloud meeting room technology supremacy

Gartner’s Assessment on the Rebirth of Office Space - It’s Closer to Home Than You Think

Workplace Transformation Strategy: Is Yours Driven by Data or Perception?

Co-working Spaces: Why They’re Better than Traditional Offices

Facility Management of the Future: The Building Utilization Model

Five Rules to Consider for Your Agile Working Policy

How to Plan Your Perfect Meeting Room Booking Solution

Cost-effective Ways to Promote Wellbeing in the Workplace

Busting the Myths Surrounding Desk Sharing

Big Oil. Big Meetings. A Big Coordination Challenge. Two Easy Steps for Simplicity and Savings.

The Most Common Meeting Room Faux Pas – and How to Avoid Them

Five Ways to Increase Your Meeting Room Utilisation

The Best Strategies for Managing Your Meeting Room Services

Why is Flexible Working Sought After – and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Open Spaces in the Workplace – Pros and Cons

Useful Tips On How To Modernise Your Office

5 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement in Your Business

Finding a Free Desk in a Flexible Office

Make Your Manufacturing More Efficient: Focus on Software for Workspace Savings

10 Best Reads About the Modern Workplace

Multi-Screen Workspace: Is This the Future?

6 Benefits of Meeting Room Reporting

5 Ways to Create a Seamless Visitor Experience

The importance of workplace utilisation data when planning your office

Workspace Technology: Big Advantages for Big Pharma’s Many Global Meetings

How can you reduce energy consumption in the office?

4 Ways to Focus on Employee Wellbeing in the Workplace

Flexible working: here to stay

Exploring the Most Innovative Workplace Designs

The Decline of the Assigned Workspace

7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Workspace

What Impact Will “Generation Z” Have on the Workplace?

Trends That Shape Our Roadmap for 2017 – Part 2

Trends That Shape Our Roadmap for 2017 – Part 1

6 top tips for improving employee well-being in the workplace

Making the Case for Workplace Software at Your Company

What Is the Right Meeting Room Size?

6 trends that will shape the modern workspaces of 2017

5 meeting room layout designs for every occasion

Saving You Time This Festive Season!

The Evolution of Workplace Design: From the Traditional to the Flexible

5 Tips for Managing Your Flexible Working Policy

Workplace Optimisation: The Cultural Differences in the Asia-Pacific Region

Flexible Working and Working from Home: What’s the Difference?

How the 'Uber Effect' is transforming the workplace

Busting the Myths of Flexible Working

5 Things You Should Know When Working With Millennials

The most common flexible workspace mistakes and how to avoid them

How to Reap the Benefits of a Flexible Working Policy

The Rise of Desk Sharing

Room Screen Revolution: Are They Value Engineered for the Future?

10 Tips for Holding a Productive Business Meeting

Remote Working - 10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Workplace at Home

How to Motivate Millennials with Flexible Working

Desk Utilisation: To Book, or Not to Book?

Workspace Management: Life After Hot Desking

How to plan a successful video conference in 5 simple steps

myVRM for Maximum Mobility: Schedule or Attend Video Conferences Using Any Device

Smarter corporate real estate is driven by data

Understanding Activity Based Working

What is Holding Up the Internet of Things Ecosystem?

The new workplace space utilisation metrics you need to know about

How to avoid pointless meetings

Scheduling Software Can be a Big Savings Solution

5 tips for designing a workspace that improves staff wellbeing

Why Wellness in the Workplace is already the ‘Next Big Thing’

Digitalization of the Workplace

The Future Challenges and Responsibilities that Face IT

The Lasting Impact of the Olympics on the Workplace

4 signs of a smart workspace

How to get an organisation to adapt to change

The importance of internal communications during times of workplace change

5 Characteristics of a Data-Driven Enterprise

Workplace wellbeing requires action against desk-bound jobs

How people are working in the Dynamic Workplace

Different countries, different work cultures

The ins and outs of intelligent buildings

Top tips for effective communication in the workplace

4 ways you can avoid meeting room “sharking”

Face up to it: remote-work is simply not, if you have trust

The holistic approach to workplace branding

Why do you need flexible working?

How to solve the problem of meeting room no-shows

Why businesses need to get tech right

4 top benefits of desk booking software

Unified Communications is a new management challenge for businesses

The Smart Way to use your Workplace: Performance (Part 3)

The Smart Way to use your Workplace: Place (Part 2)

The Smart Way to use your Workplace: People (Part 1)

Utilisation Audit Data Capture – Best Methods for Smart Working?

Go green in the office

What's the right work-life balance?

Why the humble ping-pong table is good for business

Sensors: Knowledge is Power

Boost your office potential – Time to ditch the desk?

Acoustic problems facing businesses today and tomorrow

Occupancy Sensors: Growth Without Growth

Demystifying 3 myths about the workplace

Business impact: remote work and employee engagement

3 Ways that Technology will Change Business

Are hot desks and shared-desk schemes worth it?

It’s all about the organisational layout

The future of meeting

Mobile apps put agility in the hands of employees

Video conferencing tips - Behave yourself, we can see you!

Why should you create an agile organisation?

Boost your office potential - Best laid seating plans

3 ways the Digital Workplace will increase business productivity

How Transformation Management impacts leaders

Where does an organisation need to flex?

5 ways to increase productivity in your workplace

Samsung’s ‘start-up’ ambitions call for a workplace shakeup

Technology must be outcome focused

Corporate real estate strategy shifts focus from cost to people

Britain’s productivity puzzle makes the case for flexible working

A quick guide to remote working

What the 21st Century office looked like in the 1960s

6 reasons to install meeting room screens 

Equipping organisations for variable work

Workplace management technologies herald the dawn of the intelligent building

Bringing Employee Appreciation Day to Your Workplace

Making the most of your resources

We are Condeco… but why?

The value of commercial property means we should look closely at how to maintain it

Look beyond cost cutting to improve performance

3 ways the Internet of Things (IoT) is a workplace gamechanger

Top 3 questions to ask on a reference call

Focus on big thinking not just Big Data

News from the World of Work: January 2016

The value of Big Data and its diverse applications for CRE pros

How to Successfully Create Flexible Workspaces

Transparency equals trust

BYOX: Bring Your Own 'x'

Take a wider view of office space to avoid costly mistakes

The flexible workspace of tomorrow

The challenge of Generation Z: connected, tech-savvy and aspirational

The workplace of 2016 #FutureOfWork

Building flexibility

News from the World of Work: December 2015

A new dawn for the office

Celebrating the holidays in a flexible work environment

SaaS vs. traditional software – What do you really need to know?

Why consumer tablets don't make great room screens

Addressing the challenges of workspace management and a seamless employee experience

Too Much Screen Time is Bad for Business

Why resource scheduling is such a powerful tool?

How to organize a successful meeting in 6 simple steps

Tech market gap for new use of Data Analytics

How Personalization is Driving the Next-Generation Workplace

Is SaaS really better than traditional software?

7 core competencies facility managers can master through a software implementation

Should you Embrace Bring Your Own Device?

5 ways to improve office collaboration

Government is prioritising digital transformation – Are businesses keeping up?

3 ways real estate execs can reduce cost and improve their sustainability efforts

Quora Summit - Revitalising the organisation through shifting mindsets

Why IWMS doesn’t compare to resource scheduling?

Don’t Travel at Your Expense: 6 Business Benefits of Video Conferencing

News in the World of Work: September 2015

The challenges that face global businesses when expanding into new territories

Defining a room booking process i.e. democratizing the conference room

The Agile Worker is…Working

Top 5 criteria for evaluating enterprise room booking solutions

How to drive growth and revenue by embracing technology

The single most effective way to drive up meeting room utilization

Everything Changes But You?

Business Intelligence (BI) can make or break your office space

Labor Day Tips for Year-Round Employee Appreciation

From Meeting Rooms to Collaboration Spaces

How to use big data?

What the Amazon culture controversy can teach today’s workplaces

How the simple desk has transformed the workplace

What we can learn from Startups and their Spaces

A day in the life of the connected enterprise

Want your employees to be happier and more productive? Give them a break!

9 reasons you need to book meetings with an MS Outlook add-in

Is your office temperature affecting productivity?

Don’t underestimate the importance of decent visitor management

4 ways to rock your change management program

Global CEOs embrace innovative technology to regain lost capital

Hot-desking, Hoteling, Flex Space - what's the difference?

What are the warning signs of underutilisation?

Government must prevent a skills shortage

3 areas of your company that need to change

How to create collaboration within your organization

Making workspaces fit for flexible working (3)

Making workspaces fit for flexible working (2)

Making workspaces fit for flexible working (1)

What it means to be an agile organization

The perks of cloud-based solutions

Why businesses should plan for the next generation of office workers?

Real-Life Stories on Real-Time Workspace Understanding

Condeco's Innovative Workspace Spotlight: Atlassian

Flexible working: How the pros outweigh the cons

Designing a four-generation workspace for our working future

News from the World of Work – May 2015

How much time do we spend at our desks? Utilization data can tell you

The Smart Office is here to stay

Condeco Sense celebrates one year: Learnings, trends, and successes

Taking workspace utilization data to the next level

News from the World of Work: March 2015

Big Data, IoT, Sensors, and what it means for maximizing your real estate

Condeco discover average office utilisation is just 39%

Condeco sponsors and supports National Receptionists’ Day

Educating Businesses on the Issue of Wasted Space: the ‘Light Bulb’ Moment

Traditional Working Methods Disowned by New Generation of Global Employees

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