Powering Change In The Workplace | Big Oil. Big Meetings. A Big Coordination Challenge. Two Easy Steps for Simplicity and Savings.

Big Oil. Big Meetings. A Big Coordination Challenge. Two Easy Steps for Simplicity and Savings.

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Posted 06 April 2017 11:44:09 BST | By Alison Dahlman

Big Oil. Big Meetings. A Big Coordination Challenge. Two Easy Steps for Simplicity and Savings – Worldwide.Most oil and gas-related firms have multifaceted operations that stretch across states, countries, and even continents. This frequently includes new exploration sites, drilling operations, refining locations, and so much more, and can lead to hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of meetings each month.

Could they be coordinated more easily? With fewer resources, and less time spent setting them up? With fewer no-shows due to confusion, and less frustration from double booking meeting room space?

The answer is YES.

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With today’s industry challenges of uncertain oil prices, mounting costs to discover and deliver new energy sources, and the potential for higher borrowing rates, the CFO of almost every oil firm is looking for any opportunity to operate more efficiently.

Here’s your opportunity to meet that objective – and it’s as easy as two simple steps.

Step 1:  Meeting Room Booking Software implementing this centralized, web-based workspace tool takes the guesswork out of arranging meetings rooms throughout your enterprise – whether it’s one headquarters building or hundreds of locations worldwide. From scheduling a meeting, inviting attendees, and ordering catering to booking resources such as AV support, you’re in control of all aspects of a meeting right from your laptop or desktop. And mobile application options let users amend or cancel meeting details from anywhere. Right away, you’ve reduced the time and resources required to coordinate your company’s many meetings.

Step 2:  Digital Signage installing these advanced technology devices on each meeting room helps eliminate confusion over room availability and maximize meeting room use. Through the touchscreen LED display, the digital screens quickly indicate if a room is occupied, booked, or available. The screen also allows employees to check-in when using a room and book, or release, a room. And room access can be controlled with PIN or RFID cards. Perhaps best of all, these devices help eliminate no-shows with features that can automatically bump a scheduled meeting if the room is not used within a set timeframe – opening up the space for someone else to use.

Companies using these valuable cost and space-saving tools also benefit from detailed, real-time meeting room usage data that aids in future real estate use and planning.

Today’s technology is resulting in innovative workspace solutions that bring simplicity and savings to any large company managing lots of meetings and meeting rooms – especially for global organizations coordinating people and rooms in different time zones and parts of the world. In these challenging times, where curbing costs may be paramount, oil and gas companies can take a big step toward savings by investing in some simple, but powerful, workspace solutions.

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