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Celebrating the holidays in a flexible work environment

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Posted 10 December 2015 19:22:07 GMT | By Admin

The trend towards flexible work environments is clear and likely to stick.  Many workplace studies prove their effectiveness and popularity. However, there are some downsides to flexible working.  
For those individuals that are 100% remote workers, the holidays can be a time when they miss out.  While all the office employees attend holiday parties and long team lunches sponsored by the company, remote workers are... working. 
One of the big reasons companies spend so much on holiday festivities is because of the opportunity to mold culture, to build stronger relationships with teammates, and to reward everyone for their hard work.  But, this opportunity to bond should include remote workers as well.
So here are 4 suggestions to implement if you cannot fly your remote workers in for the holiday party:  

1. A dinner on the company

Encourage your remote employees to take a special someone out and have a holiday meal on the company.  An enjoyable meal on the company will associate merriment with work and create a positive impression.  But, be sure to put together specific limitations so there are no surprises afterwards! 

2. A care package

Everyone loves packages and opening things! The holidays are very much about gifts and what better way to show the company is thinking about its remote employees than through a package full of holiday goodies? 

3. Virtual 'face-time'

Organize an activity that can be played remotely via video conferencing. The key here is that everybody gets to see each other and wish each other happy holidays.  A game is a fun way to incentivize participation - maybe it's trivia or charades or Pictionary? Or maybe an ugly sweater contest? Remote workers could submit pictures or you could vote live during the videoconference session.   

4. Mini, Semi-Local Parties

If there are clusters of individuals in major cities, it is easy enough to organize dinners or happy hours for them.  You simply need to take the time to make it official & organized so people feel that this is just as special as the other holiday parties. 

Whether you're trying to develop those strong, loyal relationships or encouraging team bonding, these ideas will help spread holiday cheer throughout your whole organization! 

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