Powering Change In The Workplace | An inside look at Condeco's latest advanced workspace in Newcastle

An inside look at Condeco's latest advanced workspace in Newcastle

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Posted 14 March 2018 17:57:32 GMT | By Jade Roberts

Here at Condeco, we pride ourselves on helping millions of companies meet, collaborate and interact more efficiently in their work environments; be that within an office space or via remote working, staying productive, optimising your time and seeing the most on your ROI is important to how we develop our product technology.

"Company culture is key to what we do at Condeco, our innovation is second-to-none, and our team members are exceptional." ~ Paul Statham, CEO Condeco

Condeco values its team, and it's through the collaborative efforts of our team that we have positioned ourselves as leaders in our field; with a global presence that includes offices in London, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, Stockholm, Zurich, Dubai, New York, San Jose, Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong and Gurgaon.

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Drive, focus, tenacity

Condeco Newcastle Workspace.png

Having motivated professionals join Team Condeco who are eager to further their careers and gain invaluable business knowledge, means we continue to define innovative ideas for the future.

Our new innovation centre in Newcastle, England, the hub of our technical development, is testament to a collaborative environment and the output that we strive to make a realisation.

Newcastle, as a location of the new innovation centre, was chosen for a few reasons, with engagement with talent in the c# being a primary one. The location offers excellent transport links and is in close proximity to central locations, including London, where Condeco HQ is situated. 

The new location is more central, and provides more ability for the team to plan and design from an empty space upwards.

Condeco Newcastle Workspace

This new workspace has capacity for 40 great technical minds to further develop our products, also fully kitted out with our solutions like Condeco Connect to better facilitate productivity.

The scrum teams work in three main areas of responsibility:

  1. Condeco Connect: responsibility for it’s architecture and delivery.
  2. Condeco Mobile Applications: across both iOS and Android for digital signage, meting room booking sotware and desk screen hardware setup.
  3. Condeco hardware products: for design and technical work on digital signage such as prototyping and manufacture control.

 Condeco Newcastle Workspace.png

The new office is much bigger, with more collaborative spaces.

Condeco Newcastle Workspace.png

Condeco Newcastle Workspace.png 

Collaboration efforts between our offices in Newcastle, London and India, all with technical development teams, remains high; through daily discussions over digital communication tools, timezones are also not an issue. Defect tracking and source code control software enable all of our teams to keep a well-informed eye on what's going on; and commutes between the offices also foster the longer term relationship building and communication efforts between the teams.

Innovation and our exceptional team are at the heart of what makes Condeco; and it is a very exciting time for Team Condeco as we pioneer the future of the workplace together, in advanced workplaces of our own.

Find out more about where our teams can be found here.

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