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Digitalization of the Workplace

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Posted 08 September 2016 10:29:17 BST | By Admin

Digitalization is becoming more and more important for business and now forms part of our daily lives. It improves our standard of living and helps us to perform more efficiently. Change is happening so rapidly that new business models appear on a daily basis, making older ones obsolete.

Companies like Google and Amazon are offering customers much higher levels of service and technical standards that ever before. People now expect their technology systems to be easy, usable, robust and intelligent. This has led to employees having the same expectation at work.

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People want a more digital savvy workplace that offers them equal services and technical standards to those they receive at their leisure. Digitalization has continuous effects on the FM industry resulting in higher expectations from the employees. However, this also creates new possibilities for the FM sector, such as optimizing the operation and performance of a building.

To achieve this, it’s important to understand the building’s inner workings, which leads to the gathering of data. Companies are becoming increasingly focussed on generating workplace data as they seek to make better decisions about the ways their real estate supports the key organizational objectives.

CBRE_report.pngAccording to the European Occupier Survey from property consultants CBRE, the majority of organizations now believe that there is a close link between an organization and individual performance, and the way they manage their properties. This depends on acquiring and applying data. Accordingly, 75 per cent of companies now regard better, more accurate data as the single most important factor in supporting a corporate real estate strategy and identifying new opportunities.

Condeco recently surveyed some experts within the FM industry to learn more about how digitalization and data is effecting their businesses and day-to-day lives. You can read the full report here

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