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Expert tips to transform your workspace

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Posted 08 November 2019 15:12:53 GMT | By Admin

We all know that workspace design is important – a great design can help boost productivity, improve employee’s moods and even attract the highest class of candidate to your business. On the other hand, poor workspace design can be a hindrance at best, a catastrophe for business at worst. When it comes to transforming workspaces, research should be a priority, as should following expert protocol.

Luckily, during the Workplace Innovation Forum held in London earlier this year, four industry experts shared their top tips for smooth workplace transformation with us.


Read on to glean wisdom from the professionals of workspace design:

"Be really focused on what your company is"~ Vivian Chong, Associate Partner, Cushman & Wakefield

“Be really focused on what your company is, have awareness, understand your finances, understand your culture and community and then look at self-actualisation. What is your reason for existing?”

"Treat people as people" ~ Simone Fenton-Jarvis, Workplace Consultancy Development Director, Ricoh

“Create a culture of empathy, understand your values, purpose and mission of your business. Incorporate this with listening to your workforce and ensure your purpose can be rolled out effectively while helping your workforce achieve their potential and allowing them to work the way that they want to work.”

"Be curious and be brave" ~ Hema Bakhshi, Chief Workplace Officer, Adoptt

“Often organisations can jump to the next shiny new toy, without really stress testing what works for their organisation and culture. I encourage businesses to be curious and be brave enough to try things differently, but also encourage them to stress test.”

"Give ownership back to your people"~ Alison Girdiefski, Workplace and Change Management Specialist

“Forget what your competitors are doing, your business is yours. Remember that one glove doesn’t fit all. Give ownership back to your people, it’s their workspace, they know what they want, don’t cut them out of any decisions. Please don’t design something or invest in something that you think is great, or your subject matter experts have told is the industry standard, listen to your people, they make your business.”

"Create welcoming spaces" ~ Camila Byk, Editor,

“Get rid of reception desks, they are not welcoming spaces. When I arrive at a site, I want to see the whole of somebody and reception desks don’t allow you to have that human contact. That first point of contact is the most important, whether you are a client, employee or visitor, removing a barrier helps you build those important relationships.”

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