Powering Change In The Workplace |  Where great food and exceptional technology meet: Innovation Expo 2017

 Where great food and exceptional technology meet: Innovation Expo 2017

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Posted 30 June 2017 09:00:00 BST | By UK Team

At Condeco, innovation is at the core of our business, so it was perfect fit for us to attend the RA and Rapport Innovation Expo. The expo was a show case of Innovation, Technology and Workplace Design, hosted at Nomura’s London Bridge headquarters, it was a glorious day, the sun shining and the atmosphere was buzzing with the aroma of all kinds of fantastic food.

Condeco - Rapport Innovation Expo.jpegSunita Pachova, Condeco UK Business Development Manager appeared in Rapport’s showcase video, discussing innovation, technology and partnering with the right people. Discussing partnering with Rapport, Sunita explained “Rapport is a perfect fit for Condeco, they are best in the market place for providing catering and front of house services, and are empowered by using our technology to deliver these services, which is why we are so complimentary as partners. We can provide the end to end technology which helps Rapport bring innovation for room booking and hospitality to their clients.

The Northern Trust with Condeco at Rapport Innovation Expo.jpegOn the heels of a previous event, Work 2.0, we were lucky enough again to be able to speak to many Condeco users. One such client, The Northern Trust, who through Condeco Enterprise, a connected workplace solution, have achieved innovation in the workplace with a newly refurbished office, stylish reception area, interactive whiteboards and a comfortable seating, cleverly designing a space for their Customers to Feel at Home.

It’s great to meet so many Condeco users and have the opportunity to share new innovation. The atmosphere is buzzing.” – Sunita Pachova, UK Business Development Manager, Condeco

Being able to meet other like-minded innovative companies was a true delight, we soaked up the wonderful atmosphere, enjoyed the sunshine and high-quality food while discussing technology, workplace design and innovation with some of Condeco’s key users.

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