Powering Change In The Workplace | Condeco's Innovative Workspace Spotlight: Atlassian

Condeco's Innovative Workspace Spotlight: Atlassian

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Posted 15 June 2015 18:30:00 BST | By Admin

At Condeco, the spotlight – and our focus -- has always been with our clients and their objectives. We’re excited to introduce our Spotlight series where we profile the companies we work with and highlight how they design & create innovative workspaces.

Companies typically turn to big architect firms when faced with an office re-design. Lately, however, more and more companies are taking the iterative design process into their own hands. Because an office needs to work for employees of all types, business leaders are bringing together different levels of expertise from across departments and using technology to inform next steps in their design plans. 

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At Atlassian, a dedicated team of professionals has been mandated to help build an environment that fosters flexibility, innovation, collaboration, value and growth. This type of mentality lends to the title of their organization, the Experience team. The Experience team is made up of expert thinkers throughout the organization, including people from real estate, workspace, workplace technology, site operations, HR, wellness and safety.

Eric Nelson, Head of Real Estate and Experience for North America & EMEA, believes it isn’t about how to fill the space, but rather how to make it multi-functional. Essentially, the team envisions a design that gets out of the employees’ way and creates a barrier free workplace, because, too often, furniture and conference room constraints keep people from worrying more about where they’ll brainstorm rather than what their next big idea will be.

The team focuses on keeping the workplace flexible and light in nature. From wheeled tables to a variety of chairs for different functions, a lot of thought is placed in helping Atlassians make their workplace bend and flex with their changing needs.

This design-first mentality is actually echoed by other major companies with contemporary global offices as we saw in our News from the World of Work post last month.

By converging both human psychology and technology, Atlassian has defined key workplace trends. And, has demonstrated how ideas for intelligent design can blossom from within an organization.

About Atlassian: 

We build software that help teams of all sizes to build better products and services. Our suite of product management and product development software manages most every aspect of a product's lifecycle, from concept to launch. We're the makers of JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Stash, HipChat, and many other products for collaboration and product development.

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