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Is sustainability a workplace priority?

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Posted 03 September 2018 13:57:00 BST | By Admin

Environmental consciousness is an oft-discussed topic in the workplace, and with good reason. There is an increasing awareness amongst the general public that importance should be placed upon protecting the environment at all costs, and businesses can lead the way by setting a good example – particularly when it comes to the smaller changes or sacrifices that can add up to big ones.

Digital Transformation will help with environmental concerns such as wasted paper, as more communications are carried out electronically

Of course, we also know that future workspaces are being designed with saving the environment in mind: think smart buildings, which ‘learn’ the patterns of inhabitants and adjust resources like lighting, heating and cooling, saving money and the environment.

The future looks bright for all of us, and the earth itself.


3D Printed Building in Dubai, executive offices of the Dubai Future Foundation, this 3D printed building is made from concrete elements and printed by a 120-foot-long 3D printer in Shanghai. This project saved close to 80 percent in labour costs and 60 percent in construction waste - source

We all want to save the planet, right?

You would be forgiven for believing that eco-friendliness is the biggest issue currently facing business owners and leaders. We all want to save the planet, right? According to the Modern Workplace Report, 2018 this is only partially true.

All those surveyed felt that it’s important the workspace be environmentally friendly, although the driving force behind this opinion varied amongst respondents – some pointed out that the saving of costs would be more beneficial to their organisation, whereas others felt that there was an increasing pressure from employees and/or clients to go eco-friendly.

There is increasing pressure from employees and/or clients to go eco-friendly

In fact, some business leaders surveyed by Condeco noted that they have found prospective clients ask about their energy policies via Request for Proposals (RFPs). Still, it shouldn’t matter what the reasons for chasing a more eco-friendly work environment are, as long as it is being chased!

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Despite this evidence, the Modern Workplace Report, 2018 found that overall, environmental consciousness ranks lower as a workspace priority for many business leaders, particularly in comparison to other issues. Globally, Condeco found that creating an eco-friendly work environment was only rated as 3.9 out of 5 in terms of priority and concern, with only Australian employers rating it above a 4. It appears, Australia take Workplace Trends seriously, as they also lead the way in Activity Based Working.

Australian Businesses place Eco-Friendlier offices a priority in the future

While it could be that those surveyed feel their current measures for saving energy and cutting down on non-recyclable waste are sufficient, it is more likely that the full realisation of how critical this issue is, is yet to sink in.

As it currently stands in 2018, the indication is that businesses do possess environmental consciousness, but perhaps aren’t taking the full steps to put that consciousness into actionable results.

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