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Labor Day Tips for Year-Round Employee Appreciation

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Posted 08 September 2015 09:25:04 BST | By Admin

September brings an inevitable spike in workloads as businesses everywhere transition from the slowed pace of the summer months. The Labor Day holiday offers a great opportunity for one final moment of relaxation for employees, and a time of reflection for employers on expressing employee appreciation in the months to come.

Showing appreciation for employees should not be limited to only one day per year. 72% of employees say that respectful treatment and consideration of staff at all levels is of the utmost importance, making it the top contributor to overall job satisfaction. This means that business leaders need to take steps beyond pay and benefits to make their employees feel considered on a regular basis.

72% of employees say that respectful treatment and consideration of staff at all levels is of the utmost importance

Here are a few tips to integrate employee appreciation into the office on a day-to-day basis:

Step Outside the Office

Oftentimes, creating a workplace in which employees feel appreciated entails getting them outside of the physical office space. Apart from standard employee benefits, company outings and other fun perks can also contribute to employee satisfaction. Research shows that job satisfaction hinges upon relationships with coworkers – particularly between junior and senior management.

Research shows that job satisfaction hinges upon relationships with coworkers

But, as employees inevitably hold different roles within companies and work with specific teams on a daily basis, it may be difficult to foster these relationships in a 9-to-5 workday. So, whether it’s a full-day affair of adventurous activities or simply organizing a happy hour after work, outings provide an opportunity to build relationships and facilitate overall company bonding.

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Implement Frequent Opportunities for Recognition

Showing employees that they are appreciated can be as simple as voicing respect for them out loud. Formal recognition programs, whether they are peer-to-peer or top-down systems, can help to recognize the hard work of employees on a regular basis.

Depending on a company’s structure and schedule, recognition programs can take a variety of forms, from informal weekly announcements to quarterly awards at company-wide meetings. Taking a few moments every once in a while to express your appreciation can have significant benefits in the long-run.

Design your Office Around Employee Habits

It is important to show employees that they play an active role in determining their company’s strategy and destiny. Traditionally, the employee appreciation practices above – from formal recognition programs to fun perks – have been used to show appreciation to employees. Yet, more recently, the development of IoT-enabled technologies has refocused appreciation efforts to office designs.

Using data from sensors like Condeco Sensecompanies can increase workspace utilization, whether that means a reduction in breakout areas to suit a staff that tends to collaborate in private meeting rooms or an increase in one-person private work “phone booths.” Every space winds up uniquely suited to the productivity and collaboration needs of the workforce, with the effect that employees feel like more than just a cog in the machine.

As employee satisfaction can affect productivity and a business’ bottom line as a result, companies that take the time to show employees they care will reap the benefits. This Labor Day, take a moment to consider your company culture and devise employee appreciation strategies that fulfill your business’ and employees’ needs year-round.

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