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Make Your Manufacturing More Efficient: Focus on Software for Workspace Savings

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Posted 02 March 2017 11:00:00 GMT | By Alison Dahlman

Make Your Manufacturing More Efficient: Focus on Software for Workspace SavingsFrom automobiles to appliances. Furniture to food. Sporting goods to medical supplies. We manufacture a lot of things here in the Americas. And many of these American-based firms manufacture their products around the world as well as here at home. Regardless of what you’re manufacturing, most likely your firm is looking for ways to produce it for less. Cost savings can be critical to your success.

So, in addition to big-ticket items such as labor and distribution, it’s time for manufacturers to also look at office space – for meetings and desks – to garner their savings. Real estate is expensive – whether it’s across a sprawling headquarters campus or stacked vertically in a city skyscraper. It’s time to look at workspace software that delivers efficiencies as well as helps you deliver your goods.

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Saving Space with Software

Enter Enterprise Suite – innovative offerings of software and hardware – to integrate meeting room and desk space throughout a building, multiple locations countrywide or countless facilities across continents. Significant savings are there to be had by manufacturers. It’s easy to lower your TCO.

Let’s start with some statistics:  Most businesses assume they have 60-70% workspace utilization, but the reality is quite different:

  • Average office space usage is only 39%
  • Average meeting room no-show rate is 40%
  • Average time desks are occupied is only 38%

That’s an opportunity for savings you can’t pass up – especially with some firms finding savings of 100,000 or more:

  • Desk Booking software is saving a major American manufacturing firm more than 100,000 square feet in their new office space.
  • Meeting Room Booking software is helping a major American oil and gas firm efficiently execute more than 100,000 meetings each month by connecting multiple global offices.

Additionally, firms are also saving with Workspace Occupancy Sensors, Digital Signage, Mobile Bookings apps and more. In fact, more than 700 major worldwide corporations are generating workspace savings with either standalone or integrated combinations of Enterprise Suite solutions.

Working with Your Employees

But the value of integrated workspace software is much more than just dollars and cents. Modern workspace technology can boost the appeal of your office environment for today’s millennial workforce, increase their collaboration, and improve overall productivity.

With employees working on-the-go – either traveling between company sites and suppliers or flexible schedules that let them work remotely – and finance departments searching for new savings, an investment in workspace innovation may be the best way to make the offices for your manufacturing firm more efficient.  

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