Powering Change In The Workplace | Addressing the challenges of workspace management and a seamless employee experience

Addressing the challenges of workspace management and a seamless employee experience

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Posted 01 December 2015 19:37:17 GMT | By Admin

Skyscraper_Los_Angeles_Downtown_2013.jpgThrough our work with major global companies, we have become intimately aware of the challenges our clients  face when it comes to workspace management. For this reason, Condeco partners with other industry leading vendors to build solutions to address these challenges.  

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Our integration with Serraview, for example, enables clients to integrate Condeco Sense data with the Serraview platform.  Through this integration we are solving for three particular challenges: 

  • Capturing complete and accurate workplace data
  • Analyzing data and making decisions in real-time
  • Enabling a smooth and seamless employee experience.

Complete & accurate workplace data

In a world were data is abundant, capturing the right data in the right place is critical for success.  Often times, the larger the building, the more tools facility managers use to manage their buildings.  FMs use all these different tools because one size does not fit all. But, in order for FMs to understand the whole picture, they need all the data in one place. Thus, integrating between systems is essential for powering the next-generation smart building.    

Real-time data analysis & decision making

Another aspect of the new 'smart building' is data in 'real-time'.  Gone are the days of analyzing and planning with static floorplans. And, arrived have the days of real-time data. In order to make instant decisions with real-time impact, data analysis needs to be fluid and easy. For example, if heat and motion sensors are capturing utilization data showing that employees use conference room A over conference room B, your facilities team can use that knowledge to further investigate why this is the case and how to create more rooms that function like A. 

Seamless Employee Experience

Lastly, while cost savings are a big driver for implementing tools that can help you manage your real estate more effectively, improving the employee experience is often an even bigger driver these days.  Talent attraction and retention are top of the list for CEOs of US companies, and part of that plan is designing a productive and seamless employee experience. 

Powering the Next-Generation Smart Building 

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