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Scheduling Software Can be a Big Savings Solution

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Posted 20 September 2016 10:32:26 BST | By Noel Gish

Today’s big, global companies can have big problems getting their on-the-go and geographically diverse workforce together for meetings. And, as a result, businesses can easily end up with a lot of wasted time, expenses and lost productivity just trying to execute an effective gathering of individuals for communication and collaboration.

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Scheduling multi-facility audio, video, or telepresence conferences involving numerous phone calls, emails and follow-up actions can gobble up valuable time and still leave some employees confused over the time, place and prep required for a critical meeting. In even some of the smallest global entities, let alone mid-sized and large operations, these can be some of the more frequent and frustrating problems:

  • Ensuring employees can access the meeting from any location and device
  • Ensuring that attendees are available and have everything they need for a meeting
  • Manually accounting for time zone conversions when managing and scheduling a conference across a national or global enterprise
  • Allocating costs to the right department or functional area
  • Creating and distributing timely and accurate reports

vc-3.jpgFortunately, advanced technology is making more state-of-the-art software solutions available to help eliminate scheduling hassles and dramatically reduce the time and productivity lost by scheduler and meeting participants alike. Such innovative products can be invaluable for improving resource management and automating the workflows of those resources.

But be careful. Companies looking to take advantage of the savings these scheduling solutions can provide, should also make sure that the software they select can be:

  1. Simple to Use from Any Device Can an employee or other participant easily join a video (or other) conference using their own device or any existing equipment and do so regardless of where the leader is located?
  2. Scaled Infinitely Is the software simple to connect to your existing infrastructure; allowing quicker scalability across your entire organization?
  3. Fully integrated – Will the scheduling software allow you to schedule meetings using your current systems such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Polycom and others and with existing video equipment? You certainly won’t reap the full benefits of your scheduling investment if you also have to invest in new hardware. You want the integration to be seamless.
  4. Used to Generate Detailed ReportsOptimizing your meeting space and resources is one of the key benefits of a comprehensive scheduling software solution. And that means you’ll want to use the software to create detailed usage reports that help you manage future space and meeting requirements.   

With audio, video, content sharing and virtual meetings taking on increasingly important roles in international business, smart organizations are looking more closely at how they schedule meetings and searching for tools that let them do so more quickly and effectively.

At Condeco, we focus on developing advanced workplace technology that makes a difference to people’s working lives. Our offering of myVRM not only meets the scheduling software mandates mentioned above, but also delivers a long list of additional benefits that can result in big cost and resource savings. Benefits you’ll want to know. Take a look at our: myVRM Benefits Checklist.

Automating your workplace with the right scheduling software solution can help put all the right people in the right place at the right time, and put some more revenue on your company’s bottom line.

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