Powering Change In The Workplace | Taking workspace utilization data to the next level

Taking workspace utilization data to the next level

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Posted 30 March 2015 18:17:00 BST | By Admin

First we learned the shortcomings of common utilization data sources like IT network, badge, and bed-check data. Now let’s talk about how to capture better data. There are many new ways to capture data and more being created every day, such as HR management tools, Energy-saving facilities sensors (i.e. lights, blinds, etc.), NFC devices, Heat mapping cameras, Occupancy Sensors and Other IoT devices

Taking big data to the next level inevitably means involving sensor technology. With IoT becoming more prevalent in the world, from the smart home to the smart office, smart everything is not far away.

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TechCrunch’s Ron Miller recently wrote about sensors doing everything from sharing information with your dentist about how you brush your teeth, to creating an employee badge that tracks employee movements and social interactions throughout the day and then measures those against company goals.

We certainly aren’t suggesting anyone go to either of those extremes. But Nils Herzberg, a global co-lead for IoT at SAP, best sums up what we’ve seen and believe – When Sensors provide real-time information, customers can make better decisions rather than using guess work.

Compared to all the technologies previously listed, the occupancy sensor is the most direct way to gain insight into actual workspace utilization data. Condeco Sense collects motion and heat data, uses a complex algorithm to identify actual usage, and provides that information in a continuously updated, easy-to-understand dashboard in the cloud.

This is an opportunity to understand a company’s actual occupancy levels in a low-risk environment. This is your first step to using big data to make decisions & your opportunity to be an early adopter of innovative IoT technology.

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