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The holistic approach to workplace branding

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Posted 21 July 2016 11:13:12 BST | By Modulex

With so many high calibre companies working on the development of new office buildings, such as Apple (Foster + Partners), Facebook (Gehry) and Google (BIG and Heatherwick Studios)  it’s clear that whilst the “work from home” revolution is still seen as an employee benefit, the investment by companies in office space continues and remains to be a significant element of their brand personality not to mention budget.Over the last 50 years of business Modulex have seen a significant shift in branding requirements from corporates who may have required in the past a “rebadge” but now take a more holistic approach to office usage and its impact on the brand.

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The sign at the front door

The simple old adage “first impressions count” is significantly important for corporate environments. Workplaces need to reflect corporate culture, encourage positive behaviours and be efficient and it starts with the sign at the front door and has been the cornerstone of the growth of Modulex. However there has been an increasing requirement to investigate not only the movement of people around a building but also the management of their time; who are they meeting? Where are they meeting them? Is there a meeting room available? How do they get there?

ICC_Schmidt-Hammer-Lassen-A-Condeco.jpgAbove: ADAM MØRK Architectural Photography

Managing office space efficiently

Guiding external visitors from the reception area through to a meeting room efficiently and professionally whilst maintaining core brand values, whether those be “innovative” or “approachable”, is an essential element of brand communications. Using workspace management solutions combined with traditional environmental graphics allows companies to control their “first impressions” effectively whilst ensuring the practicalities of managing work spaces over numerous floors and meeting rooms. The Condeco system is a natural choice for Modulex as it allows users to easily book office and desk space via meeting rooms, screens and kiosks.

Shareholders and the intelligent use of office space

Yet it is not only the movement of people around a building that has an impact on the operations of an organisation, it is also the management of assets including office space. To be able to use expensive office space intelligently has now become an essential message to shareholders needing reassurance that an organisation is managing real estate and making strategic decisions as effectively as possible. Research by Condeco, based upon their office monitoring software, shows that in Europe only 40% of desk space is utilised and it is this tool which Modulex are now able to offer to its clients completing the full service offer to corporate clients across the world.


Modulex are recognised partners of Condeco.

Don’t underestimate the importance of decent visitor management

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