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The single most effective way to drive up meeting room utilization

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Posted 17 September 2015 19:48:00 BST | By Admin

One of the biggest and most wasted expenses in the office are meetings rooms. Why? Because they are big spaces with often medium-low utilization*. While room booking software definitely helps improve utilization of conference rooms because it provides for better management, installing digital touch screens to the outside of meeting rooms will ensure proper useofthe space.

The main reasons room screens are so effective at increasing utilization are: 

1. Meeting room details displayed

When details about the type of meeting and the people involved are clearly displayed, employees can be resourceful and proactive about finding a meeting room in a jiffy. Additionally, there will be less likelihood to 'steal' meeting rooms or sit in them for longer than booked, because colleagues will know. 

In today’s fast-paced, agile working environment, organizing a meeting can be  an extremely challenging task. Download the infographic to learn our top six  tips to creating a successful meeting.

2. Ability to book on the fly

Different people work differently. Some schedule meetings weeks in advance and secure their meeting rooms with it. Others like to meet on the fly. Digital touch screens help enable that flexibility, making both types of work styles possible and ensuring meeting rooms are used by a wider percentage of the workforce. 

3. Automatic room release 

One of the biggest reasons meetings rooms go unused is because people 'think' they are booked. But, meeting details can change very quickly and often the meeting room booking details are not updated. With digital touch screens, you can program rooms to free up after a certain amount of time. So if rooms are released after no one checks in within 15 minutes, people searching for rooms are able to book them. 

Condeco Sense Study, average utilization of meeting room: 36%

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