Powering Change In The Workplace | The Smart Way to use your Workplace: Performance (Part 3)

The Smart Way to use your Workplace: Performance (Part 3)

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Posted 30 June 2016 12:18:58 BST | By Admin

Performance - Working your way up

Performance is an honest indicator that will determine just how effective and productive a business’s real estate is. If the place is working for its people, high performance levels will be achieved – logical really.

(Catch up on Part 1: People.)

Performance.jpgOver the last few years, the UK has been struggling to increase productivity, and continues to lag behind the US and other advanced industrialised countries. Gathering workplace data to inform the creation of more productive workspace is massively underexploited, but when it is identified, the insight can be invaluable for a business. Utilisation data about corporate real estate enables a business to develop informed workplace strategies and cultures that suit their people.

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workplace performance.jpgSupporting all three elements: people, place and performance will help businesses achieve a cost-effective transformation. Happy employees work more effectively as a recent study by the University of Warwick explains; where happiness led to a 12 per cent spike in productivity. But first a business needs to provide people with the right place and resources. Once the real estate is right for its people, the work will speak for itself. People will collaborate more which a survey from Melcrum says can boost performance by 36 per cent. People will also start to share the same business goals and cultivate a culture that the others want to work in. 

So how does a business gain the real estate information they need to make these mammoth business changes? The answer lies with technology.

Driving change with technology

Workplace management technologies can identify and gather the right data which enables an organization to make decisive and informed decisions regarding their real estate. When developing these new workplace strategies, technology can also be used to effectively manage and monitor any workplace transformation. 

All in all, technology is the connecting piece to drive change and enrich a business’s people, place and performance. 


White paper: Doing more with less

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