Powering Change In The Workplace | Variety is the spice of workplace life!

Variety is the spice of workplace life!

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Posted 08 July 2018 17:04:00 BST | By Admin

As employees or business leaders, we all strive for one common goal – creativity. To create and innovate, no matter what kind of industry you work in, is the best possible way to gain results. Creativity and collaboration between colleagues is truly the cornerstone of productivity, so it makes sense that we’re always searching out new ways to encourage it to bloom.

One major way to embolden creativity and collaboration is to use the immediate surroundings – in this case, the workspace. Whether it’s utilising existing areas to encourage more discussion between employees, or to use artistic touches to help spark ideas, there are multiple approaches to workspace design that can help produce a more collaborative and innovative workforce.

The Modern Workplace 2018: People, Places & Technology Report found that:

68% of UK organisations surveyed believe that employees are placing increasing importance on the look and feel of their workspaces.

This is not particularly surprising – many people are recognising the need for the typical office to move into the future, inspired by the ‘Google-isation’ trend we see in larger, trendier workspaces. But trendy doesn’t necessarily mean better. With the rise of flexibility in the workspace, varied spaces are the key to providing employees their best opportunity to create.

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We know variety is the spice of life, and it’s being proven as the spice of the workplace, too. According to The Modern Workplace 2018 Report,

"49 per cent of businesses surveyed consider themselves to offer a wide variety of workspaces."

In particular, open plan spaces have seen a significant increase in popularity, no doubt because these type of areas generally harbour a more informal feeling that is important for employees (particularly if they’re to feel confident in throwing ideas around without judgement).

While it is positive that so many organisations are moving away from individual cubicles and offices, it is imperative to note that there is always room for improvement. Activity based working is a fresh concept that goes one step beyond the informality of open-plan areas and breakout spaces; providing social space, quiet space, space for collaboration and areas with tools that encourage creative exploration are common. The sky is really the limit when it comes to variety in the workplace, so by taking stock of what your business has, and what it might benefit from, you’ll be best placed to shape said variety into tangible results.

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