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Two benefits of video conferencing

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Posted 22 May 2019 14:14:00 BST | By Admin

We’ve all received emails where we can never quite figure out the tone of the sender. Are they asking a genuine question? What is their reasoning? What are they actually asking me to do? At time, we are never entirely sure.

Rather than being stopped in our tracks by unclear written communication, video meetings offer a more efficient alternative. According to some researchers, as much as 93% of communication is non-verbal, making telephone calls, emails and IM practically obsolete for some conversations.

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Since it is difficult to interpret non-verbal cues without physically seeing the other participant, communication becomes unclear and can be misinterpreted, which can lead to lack of productivity. Video conferencing helps avoid these issues and breaks down the barriers of telephone conversations.

Many times that best solution is a video call.

Remote Workers 

The ease of sitting at your desk – or even at home, if you work remotely – popping your head phones on, and simply video calling the other person, eliminates so many factors. No travel, no expenditure, saving time, and an overall greater level of productivity, as well as achieving that much craved, better work-life balance. Simple.

In a recent Wainhouse Research survey, nearly half of the respondents agreed that live streaming a video made online presentations more interesting.

Live Steaming or Recording

Video conferencing also enables teams to record meetings, events or knowledge transfers. These recordings can be used to catch up team members who missed meetings, or update other employees.

Even employees that were physically in the meeting but mentally in the coffee shop can go back and review any vital information they may have missed while sipping on their imaginary cappuccino. Not to mention, these recordings can be used for training purposes too. Will the productivity solutions ever end?!

87% of remote users report feeling more connected to their teams and processes when using video conferencing.

The more connected teams feel, the better they can all work together.

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