Powering Change In The Workplace | 3 areas of your company that need to change

3 areas of your company that need to change

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Posted 13 July 2015 04:30:00 BST | By Admin

Today’s business climate is characterized by unprecedented rates of change, governed by shifting cultural and economic sands, as well as overwhelming technological innovation. Companies that are not ready to face disruption, from new customer demands and market opportunities to external threats, stand to be disrupted.

There is no way around it - agility is one of the key predictors of business success.

A company cannot encourage flexibility only on the periphery. It is only truly agile when flexibility is at the core of the entire organization. This means that business leaders need to make fundamental changes to how they approach their business, their workforce, and technology. 

Your Business

Flexibility must be the primary design point of every aspect of how an organization operates. Starting with a strategic business model, and pervading all aspects of a company's structure and governance, value network, work practices, and corporate culture. 

Your Workforce

Employees sit at the heart of a company, so it is crucial that they are adept at sensing opportunities and empowered to act upon them. In an agile company, you don’t hire for the job, but for the role. You hire people that can accomplish a wide variety of tasks, are flexible, and can grow with the company. This approach rapidly creates the strongest team possible to face a problem or opportunity when it arises.  

Your Technology

A workforce can only be fully agile in a workplace that offers them the flexibility they need. By analyzing the utilization data of desks, break-out spaces and meeting rooms, companies can create a workplace that exactly meets the needs of their employees.

Technology can also optimize work processes by connecting employees who are dispersed all over the world. No doubt, collaboration technology that can connect new and different groups within an organization is an indispensable enabler of the agile business.

A company that is designed around agility can respond rapidly to whatever change affects them. It will be the first to capitalize on new opportunities. These are just some of the measures businesses can take now to become agile, change-friendly organizations. 

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