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Why the humble ping-pong table is good for business

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Posted 09 June 2016 10:18:19 BST | By Admin

According to Table Tennis England, there has been a sharp increase in companies buying table tennis tables over the past few years.[1]

Ping_Pong_Office.jpgOver in Silicon Valley, the purchase of ping pong tables is common practice to the point where it is a requirement in order to be seen as a quirky tech start-up.[2] Some even claim that the recent slump in sales of ping-pong tables is an indicator of the imminent burst of Silicon Valley’s tech bubble.[3] In any case, table tennis can be an important asset to any contemporary workspace, not because of its predictive powers of the tech market, but how it plays a small part in improving the quality of life for employees.

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Break out space

Recent news from Table Tennis England suggests that companies are finally acknowledging the significance of the breakout space. In a time when most employees spend most of their work day behind a desk, it’s important that employees have a chance to take a break – away from the glare of the computer screen. Some companies may assume that a breakout space is a luxury that they cannot afford, but the benefits and positive impact it has on the culture of an office makes it hard to rule out.   

breakout space.jpgBreak out spaces create an environment in which employees can do anything from eating their lunch, brainstorming, or holding informal meetings, ensuring that they have a place to collaborate with colleagues. These spaces can boost employee engagement and satisfaction by giving room for staff to discuss the business with one another comfortably, creating better cross-functional relations and partnerships. Forward-thinking companies who realise the significance of creating breakout spaces will see the huge benefit these spaces can yield.

The tech start-ups of Silicon Valley are already ahead with gadgets and facilities that make the ping-pong table seem archaic, but whether a company invests in the latest and smartest technology or something simpler, the breakout space is here to stay.





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